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The graduated swingthe graduated swing

Richard is the author of the highly acclaimed "Graduated Swing Method " available from Amazon, a unique way to analyze the key segments of a golf swing.

This book was recognized by the Professional Golfers Association of America.

The following text is an update to the popular book on how to improve your golf swing written by Richard Metz.

The New Graduated Swing Lesson Plan

 Revision In Progress 

The New Graduated Swing Lesson Plan 
What it is and what it does

The New Graduated Swing Lesson Plan is an innovative way to learn how to play golf or to improve your game. It is a straightforward presentation of golf fundamentals in a new, easily digested form.

Departing from conventional teaching in which a full swing is learned first, the New Graduated Swing Lesson Plan begins with a miniature swing, or mini swing as I call it and is gradually increased into a full swing. This lesson plan takes you step by step through a series of lessons – from the time you learn how to grip the golf club until you make your first full swing at the ball. You will build up to a full backswing instead of beginning with it. By utilizing a mini swing at first as a foundation, you will find it much easier to start hitting the ball immediately. Then by processing step by step into a full swing, you will begin to feel how to make the proper movements with your body and how to swing the club with the hands and arms to produce good shots. Some of the fundamentals will be practiced without actually hitting the ball, but by the time the ball is added much of the mystery of the golf swing will have been dispelled and you will be able to progress with ease and confidence.

When I first started teaching, I soon found that few, if any, beginning golf students were able to concentrate simultaneously on all the different movements of the body and swing the club at the same time. For that reason I became convinced that there must he a better teaching formula than the conventional one of undertaking the backswing, the downswing, and the follow-through all at the same time. For teaching purposes, I felt it would be far more logical to begin with a miniature swing, lengthen it, step by step, practice each step, and then incorporate them into a full swing, after each step had been perfected sufficiently. My strong conviction brought about a departure from conven¬tional teaching and I concentrated on developing this lesson plan.

Therefore, this did not evolve by chance. It came about only after a great deal of experimentation and a search for the simplest and easiest way for my students to learn. It was adopted as standard procedure only after many test cases had proved it to be sound. It really works!

As a matter of fact, in a number of other sports that require precise form, such as skiing, skating, swimming, and diving, teaching methods similar to this have been used for many years. Isolating the critical important movements in these sports has also proved effective and enabled the sportsperson to practice the movements until they became second nature.

Further confirmation of the effectiveness of this lesson plan for learning came when I began studying the really good golf swings and noticed a marked similarity among all fine players. Their styles and physical sizes may have been different, but their swing fundamentals were very much alike. When one of these fundamentals soured the good players immediately tackled the problem on the practice tee; their routines were usually identical.

First, the golfer would find the trouble; then they would isolate it from the rest of the swing. This isolation fascinated me. Why did these fine players do it? Because it made it easier for them to successfully repair the flaw before they put it back in the swing. The repetition of this routine by so many players convinced me that the golf swing could be learned or improved by everyone in much the same way.

Contrary to popular opinion, no one is born with a great golf swing—not even Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods. The correct form must be learned. Of course, excellent coordination is an important advantage and may shorten the learning process, but anyone with average phys¬ical abilities can learn to play golf with this lesson plan once they understand how to go about it and devote a reasonable amount of time to practicing.

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