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The Graduated Swing

The New Graduated Swing Lesson Plan Part 1
The Key Segments of the Graduated Swing Part 2
Before you begin the Graduated Swing Part 3
The Graduated Swing Method is also available as Download for Kindle Reader

Before you begin the Graduated Swing

Whenever any of us starts to learn a new skill, we want to progress as quickly as possible. This is understandable, but in learning the golf swing patience will bring many rewards. The beginning golfer generally wants to move along too quickly. He or she is prematurely concerned with hitting the ball, instead of concentrating on developing a proper swing. When hitting the ball is the most important thing to players, their natural instincts will usually carry them in the wrong direction, away from a properly coordinated swing that is essential to making good golf shots. If you concentrate on correct form, in the long run you will make the most rapid progress.

For the golfer who has been playing for some time, this lesson plan will serve as an excellent review of your swing, as you move along in the six lessons. Left-handers can apply everything in the following pages simply by reversing the direction indicated and carrying on from the "port" side.

Beginners and experienced golfers alike will gain the most from this book by combining each lesson with as much actual practice as possible. Understanding each lesson as you read it is not enough, since the muscles of your body must be taught too. Only after a good deal of practice will the muscles automatically execute the various movements of the golf swing. If this were not true, all we would have to do is study video pictures of some of the golf greats—such as Hogan, Snead, Nicklaus, Watson, or Woods—and then mimic their moves. Unfortunately, it just can't be done that way. As in the learning of other skills—whether they are simple ones like tying a knot or more complex, such as skiing—learning a sound golf swing takes practice. The only way to transform a movement that feels unnatural into one that is easy and familiar in the shortest possible time is by practice and more practice.

With this lesson plan, it is important that certain skills be acquired in each lesson and practiced before going further. When each fundamental feels easy and familiar, only then is it wise to move on to the next lesson.

The amount of equipment necessary to proceed is minimal. You will need a golf club, preferably a short iron such as a number 9 or a pitching wedge. If you plan to work indoors, a small, inexpensive chip-and-drive mat with a short rubber tee is ideal. A plastic practice ball, or whiffle ball, will be fine for your first few lessons. Finally, a full-length mirror attached to a wall or door, or even simply propped up against a wall, door, or chair will prove extremely helpful in seeing for yourself exactly what you are doing and if you are doing it correctly.
Beyond the club, ball, and mirror (and the mat, if you're working indoors), nothing else is required except those personal attributes that I hope you have on hand in abundance—an inquisitive, open mind, a desire to learn, and a willingness to work (that is, practice). With these, I am confident that there will be no limit to what the Graduated Swing Lesson Plan can help you accomplish in golf.


The New Graduated Swing Lesson Plan Part 1
The Key Segments of the Graduated Swing Part 2
Before you begin the Graduated Swing Part 3
A Practical Lesson with Jim
The Graduated Swing Method is also available as Download for Kindle Reader


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