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Leandra V., Doral  (Aug 13th 2016)
My husband suggested I take golf lessons so we could play together on the weekends and when we go on vacation.  I’ve never played before and didn’t know what I was getting into.  Found Richard under golf instruction, Miami.  He is patient and I am learning to hit the ball.  It’s fun.            

Carlos S., Brickell (Apr 21st 2016)
I found Richard on the internet under “golf lessons Miami”. I’ve been playing golf for about three years and have developed a terrible shot that goes to the left of my target.  I don’t know if it’s a pull or a hook.  I’ve had golf lessons from other PGA golf instructors before.  Richard was great.  I took a series of golf lessons and he straightened  me out.  I highly recommend him.             

Sonia A.  Coral Gables, Fl. (Jan. 4. 2016)
I wanted to take golf classes and found Richard Metz, a P.G.A. golf professional, on the internet.  He teaches at Costa Del Sol Golf Club in Doral, Florida.  I was pretty much a beginner but after a series of lessons, I started to hit the ball.  I was thrilled! Richard had a lot of patience and I really enjoyed his teaching style.  

Juan C.  Brickell, Fl.  (Nov. 21. 2016)
I’m a golfer and have been playing for the past 5 years.  I’ve always sliced the ball to the right.  Got Richard’s name at Costa Del Sol Golf Club and after a few lessons I don’t slice the ball anymore.  Richard was great!  

Maria L., Hialeah, Fl. (Nov. 3, 2017)
My husband has been encouraging me to play golf.  He found Richard on his website under Doral Golf Instruction and paid for some lessons.  I was anxious being new but Richard has shown me the critical basic skills I need to move forward.  My game and my confidence have improved after only 4 lessons and regular practice which is a must.  Thanks Richard for your great guidance and encouragement.  

Robert P.  Miami Beach, Fl. (Sept. 19, 2017)
My boss wanted me to polish up my golf game for business reasons so he gave me Richard’s phone number. I am now into my second series and starting to hit the ball.  I played my first game with a client and it went pretty well.  I credit Richard for this. He is a great instructor and has helped me a lot.     

John B. Doral, Fl. (Apr. 10, 2017)
Richard has been a great help in correcting my golf swing.  He has brought me back to the fundamentals of my swing, so much so that I have signed up for a series of lessons that will show me the correct way to hit the ball – longer and straighter so I can surprise my friends with my “new” game.    

Enrique M. Brooklyn   (Mar. 17, 2017)
I came down to Miami from New York to enjoy the warm weather and play some golf.  I decided to treat myself and get a golf instructor to sharpen my game.  Finding Richard on his website was my lucky day!  After only 3 lessons I was on my way to a better game thanks to Richard’s skillful instruction. 

Jim D. So. Miami, Fl. (Mar. 23, 2017)
Putting is my problem so I looked up Richard.  His instructions included video playback which showed me where I needed help.  It was very revealing.  After Richard’s corrections I have become more aware of my grip, body position and stroke.  It was awkward trying to break some bad habits but the results speakk for themselves!  I am now putting much better thanks to Richard. 



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Costa Del Sol Golf Club
Costa Del Sol Golf Club
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Richard teaches at Costa Del Sol Golf Club in Doral, FL.
Costa Del Sol Golf Club is conveniently located to all areas of Miami-Dade and Southwest Broward just one mile east of the Florida Turnpike Extension exit at NW 41 Street. Travel east one mile and turn right into entrance at NW 102 Avenue
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